When granting a licence to use an image supplied by us, the purchaser must agree to the following conditions.

  1. The photograph can only be reproduced within the publications as stated on the invoice issued to the purchaser.
  2. Modifications or enhancements can be made to the images as the purchaser sees fit, but any consequences of doing so must be the sole responsibility of the purchaser and thus you agree to release JBlue Technologies from any liabilities that may result from such actions.
  3. While the photographs offered here were accurate at the time of creation, subsequent factors such as weather, climate, seasons, landscaping, building developments and other changes to the environment and surroundings may render the photos out of date. Purchasing photos is done at your own risk and the photos should not be relied upon to accurately represent what you would expect to see now or in the future at the location of where any of the photos were taken.
  4. Failure to pay the licencing fee by the due date stated on the invoice issued may render your licencing agreement invalid and you will be legally responsible for any ownership and copyright violations that may result from possessing as well as reproducing images that you are not authorised or licenced to do so.